The American Scholars Press provides services in the following areas:

  • Book Cover Design: We do custom-design covers for all kinds of book at a reasonable price.
  • Editorial: We provide any editorial related works such as editing, rewrite, and proofreading your manuscript.
  • Typesetting: We do all kinds of work such as scanning text and photos, digital layout, indexing, and footnoting.
  • Printing: We offer a wide selection of book sizes, plus binding and paper choices. Because of our lower rate, we will produce your books within your budget in the shortest timeframe possible.

The American Scholars Press provides marketing plans tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. We will design a plan just right for you and your budget. We have different marketing plans that promote book sales. These plans include writing a press release; designing promotional flyer; making contacts with local, regional and related newsletters, newspapers, magazines; placing books with retail and library distributors.

Based on the needs of customers, the American Scholars Press have included three different public packages:

  • Basic package: This package includes registrations of ISBN & Bar code necessary for sales to bookstores.
  • Basic Package plus Library Orientated Feature: This package includes registrations of ISBN, Bar code, LCCN for sales to libraries, Library of Congress Catalog number or obtain your copyright.
  • Market Oriented Package: This package includes all the above registrations plus marketing plans that will be designed based on the need of the customer.