Conference 2005

2005 Education Forum for Asia, Beijing, Oct. 13-16, Beijing, China

ACIG serves as a promotion agent for the 2005 Education Forum for Asia: Conference on cross-cultural management and training in a global economy. and

2005 International Symposium on Computer Science and Technology, Oct. 21-24, Ningbo, China

Sponsor organization: National Vocation-Tech Software Model Colleges, American College of Computer Information Sciences, Hewing Computer Science Education Association and Hewing Software Association

Executive Institution: Mingo Dahongying Vocation; Technical College
Co-Sponsors: American China International Group, Zhejiang Information Vocational Education Group.

ACIG successfully arranged the HIT 2003 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering. The conference was jointly held by two schools of Management of Harbin Institute of Technology and Southern Polytechnic State University on August 15-18 2003 in Atlanta GA USA. The conference published two volume proceedings that include 500 international academic papers.